Thursday, March 12, 2015

Memories - Remarkable Blog Hop

Hi and welcome to the Remarkables blog hop!  This month the theme is Memories...
I've been enjoying using my Project Life by Stampin' Up! stuff to keep my photos in order.  Just a fun fact, I have 22 years of photo books!  No kidding!  I've always kept up with my photos.  It's like a strange source of pride for me.  People can say, remember when you went on that trip in 1999, and I'm like yeah, give me a minute and out comes the book!  I've kept up with the photos lots of different ways.  I used the "magnetic" books way back, the ones with the thin lines of adhesive and the plasticy thin covers, I used to write the bits of info on pieces of paper and put them in with the pictures.  Then came the era of the scrapbook!  Things were going well, then three kids... yoga teaching..., here's the true confession--there is one missing year!  It just didn't get done.

So I switched to the slide the picture in albums.  Not ideal, but it was important for me to keep up with the photos.  I'm not proud of them but the photos are there and I'm content.  And then I found Project Life.  I Love it!  And the cute little already made cards from Stampin' Up! are awesome!! And there are all kinds of apps and little printers.  I think photo books have taken a good turn.

OK, I could go on, but this post actually has nothing to do with photo albums.  OK, maybe just a little.  I actually made a cute little mini photo book.  (ha ha, get it, it's little) Super sweet and super awesome and super easy to make.

Here's the book, super cute, yes?

And here's the inside.  Now this is IMPORTANT!, here's where you put the pictures.  You have to PRINT them out and use some adhesive and stick them in the book!  That's why it's mini!! So you'll actually do it and you can say you made the whole thing!

OK, now to help you out, I made my first ever crafty yogi video.  I did, really!  And in my attempt to make it easy, I filmed it with my iPhone and uploaded the video to Youtube.  (we won't say if this was actually easy or not, but I did it all by myself--with a little help from Google and some Starbucks internet).  Now this is my first, and I'll admit that I need to work on the camera angle and a few other things, but in general, I'm pleased.  It's a bit long, about 20 minutes, so I won't mind if you fast forward occassionaly.  But I hope it helps you and you make one of these cute little books, which you will then fill with pictures!  I'm hoping to follow this post with a how to print the pictures and what apps I use video.

Please let me know what you think!  I appreciate positive comments and gentle criticisms.

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