Saturday, October 12, 2013

Christmas Collectibles

RemArkable Blog hop:
When I saw this set in the Holiday Mini, I was at first disappointed.  I didn't even order it!  But then I had a customer order it with the punch, (as a bundle, a 15% discount!) and my interest was piqued.  Then I saw that it was one of the October sets for the blog hop, and I got it.  Oh my goodness, I've been inspired!  Check out all the fun and pretty things I've made!!

These gift card holders are so cute, check out Janet's blog:
to see the details on how to make the card.

Tags, how awesome and quick!

And it almost wouldn't be a blogpost with out a card!
I hope that you enjoyed my projects and enjoy the rest of The RemArkables Blog Hop!

Nancy Amato 
Melissa Bolinger
Jackie Bottomley
Susan Carlson
Tamra Davis  
Connie Deibler
Sherri Eddleblute
Crystal Kondo 
Deb Lehigh     
Anne Matasci  
Robin Merriman
Audra Monk    
Maria Pane     
Andi Potler      
Michele Reynolds
Pam Staples   
Jeri St. John   
Jeannette Swain
Janet Wakeland

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