Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2016-2018 New In Colors from Stampin' Up! Peekaboo Peach

I think Peekaboo Peach might be my first favorite of the new in colors. I say first, because I usually end up liking most, if not all of them as time goes by. And, as entertained as I am by Stampin' Up's fun two word color names, I just keep calling this orange. It's the orange of summer and the beach, it's the sweetest orange ever.

If you're wondering what is this new in colors talk? Click here: Audra's first in color blog post.

So let's sit back and enjoy Peekaboo Peach:

Here are all the colors in super cute mini box form:

Come on back tomorrow and take a look at Dapper Denim.
Stay Crafty!

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