Saturday, May 18, 2013

Butterflies and Rainy Day Street Fairs

So my first ever participation as a vendor at a community fair was today.  It rained.  Not the best beginning to the journey, but that's OK.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but was definitely disappointed in the weather.  The good thing was that everyone was so nice.  And in good spirits.  Fortunately the rain was not too severe, and there were times when it was just a drizzle or not raining at all. The tent set up I borrowed from my Mom worked out well, thanks Mom!   I didn't sell much, and I only made a few contacts, but I learned a few things.  People like butterflies.

I was looking for some wow items to help draw people in and I saw these really pretty butterfly mobiles on Pinterest.  However when I clicked on the links there were not very many directions.  Well luckily for me not too many were needed, so I gathered up some materials and got crafty and figured things out.

I used an embroidery hoop, fishing line, some wire, two different sized Stampin' Up! butterfly punches, Stampin'Up!s really awesome card stock, vellum paper, ribbon, and glue dots and ribbon for the top hanger part.

1. Punch a ton of butterflies (even better if you can convince your kids to do some of this part).
2. Then attach them to the fishing line with a glue dot between them.
3. I used 8 strings per mobile.  I crossed 2 wires on the embroidery hoop, (think a circle with a plus sign in it) so there are 4 inner strands and 4 outer strands (2 different lengths).  I think I like the longer set on the inside best.  I just tied the strings on with several regular knots.  I put a glue dot on each of the strands on the four wires and tied a piece of the small ribbon on each (see next step).
4. Then cut a bunch of ribbons about 6 inches long (depends on the thickness of your hoop and tie them all around.
5. To make the top hanger part, take some thicker, yet light ribbon (4 pieces maybe 20-24 inches long) tie at the halfway point in four spots, then bring up in two bunches and tie together (double knot).

This is definitely an inside mobile for decorative purposes.

I have only made the two, the white one with white and vellum butterflies and the "ombre" style one going from black through blues to white.  They were a big draw to get people to come over, and I did sell the blue one to a guy near the end of the fair.  He said that he just had to come over as he was so drawn to it.

I also made a bonus butterfly branch (Pinterest inspired too).  I do think brighter colors might be better.  And lastly, here is my booth set up.  Happy butterflying.

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