Monday, February 24, 2014

Spiral Flower Die Gift Box

You know when I post to this blog twice in one day, that I'm pretty excited!  Or that I should have posted yesterday... but we'll go with excited.

I'm teaching a Boxes of Awesome class this Thursday and was looking around for more ideas when I stumbled upon the sweetest little box on Pinterest. (Do you follow me there?  click here to follow Audra (the crafty yogi) on Pinterest!)  And this was not the topper on the box in the first photo I saw, but I liked the shape and investigated further.  Which led me to Nadine Koller's site called stemplemami (stampin' mommy?) and it was in a different language!! It's so cool how the web has made the world a smaller place.  Anyhow, the photo there had three flowers like mine.  So I figured out things pretty well, I'm sure I could of found more info elsewhere, but I was committed to trying it from her many photos.

Here are the dimensions and the basic how to info I came up with, and of course you can decorate the top any way you like.

8x8" card stock, I used Sahara sand (sometimes crumb cake needs a break). Using the envelope punch board, score and punch EACH side at 2 5/8" (don't worry about using the score lines here, that's next!)
THEN, use the existing score lines to score and punch each side. Fold on all the score lines and the little wings on the corners come in together.  I clipped off the points on each side (not in this photo). Squeeze the edges together and fold down the now pointless corners with sticky strip on them to hold the corners in.
The lid: this was a bit of a struggle for me, but I came up with: card stock 4 10/16" square, I used pink pirouette.  Score each side at 5/8", snip the corners, fold the score lines and use some Tombo to attach the flaps making the lid.
I made 3 of the spiral flowers, which I softened up with my bone folder and sponged the edges with the same color.  I held them together with some hot glue.
The doily is sponged on the edges with sahara sand and I cut it to the center and crinkled a bit so I could make it a smaller circle.  I attached the flowers with another bit of hot glue to a 1 3/4" inch punched out circle in the same color.
Add a bit of ribbon and linen thread, a pear pizzazz leaf from the little leaves sizzlits, attach the doily to the box lid with Tombo and hahzah!  You have a super pretty box.
I'm hoping you can make some sence out of this, I might need to figure out how to make videos pretty soon!  You can also search out Nadine's blog.

Here's the box one more time.

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