Thursday, June 25, 2015

One Big Stamp, Many Ideas

I have a fun quick post for you today. I'm on vacation with my husband's family and as I'm not as prepared as I would have liked to be, I thought I'd give it a go doing a blogpost on the spot on vacation, using the app on my phone.

Right before I left on vacation, I spent the day at my up, up, upline's house playing with lots of the new items from the Stampin' Up! Catalog. Right before I left to head home and get going on my laundry and packing, I got out the big background dalia stamp. I stamped it in different ways and different colors on pieces of very vanilla card stock. When I got home, in between the laundry and packing, I whipped up this fun set of dalia cards! It went so quick and easy and was so fun!

So cute, right! Here they are all one by one. This stamp went on my order list!  Please let me know which one you like best. If you need names of the stamp sets, colors, or papers, let me know that too and I can get you the info when I'm back home.

Thanks so much for visiting!  May your days be filled with family, friends, vacations, and every day events! 
Stay Crafty!

Here we are all dressed up for dinner on vacation!


  1. I love all of them and really am glad you shared them with me! Thanks!

    1. Thanks! Although now I realized I spelled dahlia wrong!