Friday, July 29, 2016

Crafty Organization, a New Desk!

Hi crafty friends!

For many of us crafting is something we love to do. If we're not crafting, we're thinking about crafting. Or we're thinking about crafting supplies, the ones we have and the ones we need. Or we're thinking about how to organize said crafting supplies!

I thought you might like to see the newest addition to my crafting collection, my super awesome organization stamp desk, also know as the roll top desk from stamp n storage.

I live in an open floor plan townhouse. I've set up my craft area, which I call my crafty corner, in the back corner of the main level near the dining area (which I use for classes and of course, dining). I had a decent set up from the Martha Stewart collection from Home Decorators that I brought with me when we moved. The old desk fit the space the same, but it often looked like this:

Or somewhat more frequently than I liked, like this:

I had seen the roll top desk on, and was pretty sure it would be perfect for my needs. I prefer to face out into the room when I work, so I can interact with my family and look out the windows. Also, the walls in my corner are filled with book shelves, containing books and craft supplies.
The desk is a big ticket item, so I had to wait a bit. I also investigated getting the desk made to 36" height as I like to stand when I stamp, which, with some extra money and time, they could do!! Finally, I ordered, and waited, and the desk arrived!

415 pounds of awesome! We had to deconstruct it a bit to get it in place. And I totally feel it was worth it (my husband and boys may feel differently).

As with all craft organization, it's a work in process. But this is how I have it arranged for now. I have found that I am putting things away as I, I'll keep you posted.

Organization in process.

Ahh...the desk top, look at all of that space!
Ribbon, ink pads, and markers.

The left drawers:

Block storage, die cuts, paper pumpkin stamps, stamp a majig, embossing brush, and enamel shapes.

Envelopes, twine, and glue. Plus pre cut white and vanilla card bases.

Retired washi, extra ribbon, heat tool, and sponges.
The bottom drawer (not pictured) has 8 1/2x 11 files. But I'm not planning to use them, I think.

The right drawers:

Ink refills, adhesives, and scissors.

Check this out!! Punch storage. Awesome!

Embossing powders.

This drawer, I love. 12 x 12 paper storage.

The center drawer:

Current washi, metallic thread, big scissors, hole punches, label maker.

I hope you enjoyed a quick trip around my craft space. I'll let you know how it goes.

Just a last photo with my best helper.

Stay Crafty!


  1. Love love love it!!! Your new desk looks awesome! And of course your little helper is looking as cute as ever!